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Which Platform gives users their money's worth

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As far as "moneys worth," I would argue iOS. Apple has been pretty faithful to users of older devices when it comes to updates. With Android, your updates experience differs with each device manufacturer. Some are good, some are terrible. LG for example is notoriously bad while Samsung is petty good. A lot of big apps also start their life on iOS and then filter down to Android and Windows Phone. So the experience on the iOS version is often richer and more polished. On the other hand there are also a lot of apps that are free on Android but paid on iOS, so you will have to pay for something on iOS which Android users are getting for free. Angry Birds and Whatsapp are prime examples. Still my vote would go with iOS. Most devs seem to put more effort in their iOS apps.

Google seems to update Android  with the high end, latest phones in mind - they don't really consider older hardware that much. They leave it to the manufacturer to somehow make it work on lesser devices. Furthermore, some of Google's latest and greatest features ONLY work on 4.1 Jellybean Phones - which still only make up about 17% of the total Android phones out there according to the stats.

Windows Phone is still a bit behind the big two - and back when they moved from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, they screwed over a lot of WP7 buyers because none on those phones were able to upgrade to WP8 even though all those phones were less that 18 months old - it was rather scandalous! At the moment they say WP8 phones WILL be able to upgrade to the later versions, but there are a lot of WP8 devices coming out with only 512mb RAM. Thats quite meager for today's standards, so its another potential screw-over on the horizon. Actually, some Windows Phone 8 apps are already unable to work on such low RAM, so its only the top models that are worth buying with WP8. Pretty lame as a value proposition.
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It depends on the peoples uses and more importantly on the previous phones used.If a user is already an existing costumer of IOS or Android and is quite happy with it then its wise to stay on that platform itself.A first user wont be regretting if he purchased Windows because it offers everything that other platform does.If the user want a device whose usage should stay cheap then Android is a wise option considering the cheaper apps while the ones in windows and ios are costly.The people who like stability and a no nonsense user experiance then Android is not recomended because of its stability issues like malware from apps.Older people who need a short learning curve can go for IOS but windows phone is also pretty simple but with some level of customisation. Fashionable people high on style statement can go with windows phone because of its attractive design people who want a cheap and a simple phone that can carry out all the basic smartphone task and high in social networking can buy Nokia Asha devices its a great device at dirt cheap price and low data usage.
Then there remains the enterprise and executive class to them buying black berry 10 device will be a no brainer but I would also reccoment Windows Phone with its MS Ofice suit preloaded and MS support.
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Money's worth depends on functionality you want. you pocket to sustain that phone running without any hiccups. People talk about Android and iOS, forget there is Tizen which comes with the Samsung devices and runs core on the smart TV's. If you want great games get iPhone, if you want something general but smart Android is best. Multimedia functionality you can bank on WP, basic calling and sms Java is best, security get a Zed10 BlackBerry. Also to consider is what status do you want in your circle. in the end if you buy Android and you're around iOS nutheads..... You might need rehabilitation after your first few weeks to a month.
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Well Explained!
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'Money's worth' is a personal measurement that relates to the level of satisfaction after purchase of anything. All OSs mentioned above have staunch followers who will not accept anything else because they feel satisfied with what they have and because it works for them, they also feel it is worth the money they spent. I'm an android person and relative to my earnings I feel I'm using my money's worth. IOS users may feel otherwise. If I had a little more money, I'd probably try out IOS because I know they have so many more apps that help with productivity. Windows is a new phenomenon on latest smart phones and I feel they over the best windows ecosystem for their relatively lower price tags.
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What the OP should have said, is something like, I have $500 what smartphone can I get my money's worth on.

 "money's worth" means - a fair/good value for money paid

Windows, iOS and Android can be found on good quality devices (iOS being exclusive to one company, the others being spread to more choice)

It is highly subjective and depends on what you are looking for(that value in money paid for)

The only one on the downside is Windows Phone as it is fairly new and is struggling to gain traction. It too may get you your money's worth, if and when it brings more features to the office environment that seamlessly integrate with the already dominating Microsoft-based office environment.

Android and iOS are almost at par when it comes to features and app ecosystems. Each have their own pros and cons depending on what it is one wants from the device. If one talks of the actual ratio of money to features, iOS would be the one that sounds like a rip off, as all features in it are available in more affordable Android phones(the Galaxy being the Android flagship). So on a true "money's worth" debate, iOS falls short. You pay alot more for what is of the same quality at a lessor price

Still, the debate is subjective. If I am into music and want to purchase it(iTunes), own a Mac and probably want to develop iOS applications, an iPhone would be an obvious choice. The app-count argument no longer holds for iOS vs Android.
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The story goes like this: The iPhone comes out, and it's the only smartphone anyone
wants, because there's never been anything like it. It is the smartphone. Step forward a few years, and Apple is losing to Google—at least in sheer numbers of phones being sold.
What happened? People without money happened.  Android is for people without money. That's the fact. It might be good but not classy. Like comparing a BMW with a Rolls Royce!
Rubbish! Galaxy and Note are still very expensive phones.
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With all th money i have boi,  i hv used all,  apple firstly cz ts th smart phone tht made t first but i beg to differ,  i do have th iphone 5 and galaxy note 2, believe u me,  android is much better,  so i dont think its nyc to base yo argument on he poor people wat wat,  ts jus a matter of opinion,  cz evn th poor nw cn afford th apples ne ximex yedu iyo hahahahaha move with the change brother,  don b stuck in th past
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Errr - well BMW owns Rolls Royce Motor Cars (since 1998) and the cars all use BMW engines - so thats probably NOT the best comparison. But I catch your drift :-) I would go with a Mercedes-Benz and Lexus comparison. Lexus being the mafikizolo contender, backed by a massive and aggressive corporate Juggernaut who makes cars just as good, if not better  - but still lacks a certain flair and aura which the original pioneer will always have. The pioneer always has that ability to break new ground - while the pretender does well once the initial market has been created by SOMEONE ELSE. And thats how Samsung have always done it even before the era of smartphones, when their TVs and VCRs took the world by storm.
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js lyke e gud old mac vs windows vs linux argument bt 4 phones lol.bottom line u cnt go wrong with either ios n android
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I guess we can say people have different tastes; but for some its the size of the pocket; and others status.
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