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I have DSTv decoder want to open an account in South Africa while I'm in Zimbabwe because I want to watch SABC channels

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Receiving and watching SABC while in Zimbabwe is not legal and Multi-choice is bound by law to restrict national broadcasters to their respective countries. You can only open and pay subscriptions for a South African account in South Africa.
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Whats the penaltyif caught? Coz to me its the same a watching internet TV or just logging onto the web. Should that be made illegal too?
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I love all the "IT'S ILLEGAL - ITS AGAINST THE LAW" responses. As if anybody in Zim is 100% pure with all the bootleg softwares, file sharing, copied music and movies on your PC or phone, wiztechs, car radios with no ZBC licenses (I have never seen a car radio license on a windscreen - EVER), dogs without licenses, bicycles without licenses, radios with sort-wave receivers, maids and gardeners being paid illegal wages below minimum WITHOUT NSSA or an employment contract, illegal tenants in the cottage without proper lease agreements, illegal evictions from those cottages to accommodate sekuru vabva kumusha - the list of ILLEGALS is endless - let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

But just check the classifieds - hard copy paper classifieds. Thursday Herald: when the classifieds are really full. I seen it advertised all the time.
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Lol alumoyo I hear and agree with you but right here on techzim is where people started slowly dealing with the matter by encouraging each other to be ethical
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I agree with you alumoyo, everyone and I mean EVERYONE does something illegal one way or another. It's just that it's not something you would want to admit on a platform like this, you never know who's watching.
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Thank you Chris. What happened to good old ethics? Someone once said "Be the change you want to see." It starts with you alumoyo. Sorry, am not being hard on your case; just saying it would be good to revive/evolve good ethics.
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Multichoice Sa has better packages and the benefits  of Sabc channels. If you dont ve a freind who can buy and register your decorder in Sa , just buying an already registered SA decorder from here in Zim . If u r in skyes i know ere r plenty of registered sa decorder with an active account number on sale.( i ve bought one myself in the past a 1131 for $50) . To make subs u just u a visa/ mastercard  or make a bank transfer to the Dstv Africa account.
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Hie, I woul like to know how to pay using mastercard, please explain the process, never done it before. Do you log onto DSTV website or...?
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Mawacha hehe!Tenga Wiztech shamaz kana wada zveSABC
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its is very possible but illegal, i personally have such a set up but i cant' share on such a public forum who i pay locally for my monthly subscriptions but if you have a relative in SA who can register and subscribe for you, its an option that works.
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Usatyiswe iwe, its simple and works perfectly if you do it. just find someone who can buy decoder and register for you there. Then wotumirwa your decoder and you done. Pay via mastercard if you want
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Regai kurebesa munamato sadza richipora!

I can help if you my friend. Am based in SA. Send me a private message. All you need is first payment in SA to activate the decorder, all other payments you can do from Zim using VISA or Mastercard
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isu ve ZTV ziiiiii lol
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I hav such decoder n i jus wanna hav a zim account bt i lost the reciept after purchasing t.so can any1 help me with that?
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There are guys/people in Harare that are offering this service. I am made to believe that you can also get this done for you in Bulawayo. Not too sure about Gweru and Mutare or other cities, but just check your local newspapers where they advertise.
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