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I have been browsing TechZim, and i noticed that there are posts with almost 21000 views yet it has 3 Answers.
I am not saying the answers there were wrong but I think its better when you see that info in a post has helped you let other viewers and contributors to know that this information was useful.This might help other to know how much certain information has been put to use out there


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Its always been our Zimbo culture to like everything free and never acknowledge or give back to the society, should l call it greedy or selfish.

 l hav seen pple desperate for a an answer, once they get it they vanish without even confirm if it worked or not, l consider that very greedy and selfish. Nobody here is being paid to provide that help.
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You are very right there, how will you know your information helped in the end, I think not thanking may not show one is unthankful but at least do something to appreciate.
When I ask questions, I usually try and do it in a way that encourages discussion. But alas, hardly anyone is interested in the stuff I am so now I lurk, asking and answering the odd question from the shadows. I do, however, try to remember my manners ever since I saw a similar post a while ago.
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i agree with the two of yo, especially macd, but you will have to appreciate that for some new users, it takes more than just visiting the site once before they decide they want to be part of it, i for one, quite discovered techzim by accident, was in a rush, got the solution i wanted, and went away, i came back again, and realises, wow this is cool, but then again i didnt register coz i wa like maybe there is some protocol, maybe got learn some rules or something, then i realised everyone was free to participate and look right now, i am number 3(how the hell somersert toppled me from my second position after macd idk, but he has some pretty good answers though)

so all i am just saying is, people get hooked to websites differently, some are just looking for answers and honestly why should they coe back or feel obliged to participate just coz they received one answer?

i think the trick is for the admins and the senior members of the community to make the community so engaging and have a magnetic touch such as the same that people associate facebook with, so that they actually feel compelled to log in or "miss" the site.

having said that, techzim isn't doing a great job on mobile, 70%+ Zimboz use mobile, yet this site loads terribly on mobile, it costs a lot of people money, considering how expensive it is, to browse on a desktop site. nd the browsing experience isnt nice i tell you, i understand that there maybe such things as wanting ads to load, since they cant load on mobile, but using mobile guys, sometimes u cant eve see, the reply or comment button, i cant use my galaxy here u all know how they are notorious for chewing etym, so i use a bb 8520 curve and imagine the experience i get there, you can also imagine what its ike for most people who use fones like x2, and the thing is most of them use low budget smartphones...
in conclusion i think there is more that has to be done by the admin side to ensure users are kept engaged.
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Thats a excellent insight, l hope your points have been noted. I do agree on the very slow loading side especially if using firefox, chrome is much quicker.
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After all has been said and done, I still feel there are way too few 'thanks yous' on this site, a reflection of what we shouldn't be as Zimbos. If 'Thank you' is too long and may chew bandwidth, one can shorten it to 'thnx'. It goes back to the fact that Mwana has a point and macd has the reason while theG has an excuse but I'm happy we all noticing this and soon we will change and bring back hunhu.
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True Chris, in this site a lot is being challenged from piracy to eradication of ignorance. So yes why be the 'Zimbos' lets start appreciating so that those that have more can keep sharing.
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