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My 9 year old daughter is already making extensive use of google search but I just realized that it only takes a little gibberish in google search, to get to inappropriate sites. so I went on a mission to fix this by way of installing a browser extension on Chrome (kid safe). To my horror this extension literally does nothing. so now I'm trying to figure out a better way which will not necessarily restrict the use of the computer as the same is shared by another 5 and a 3 year old who mostly do gaming. I'm exploring the use of a home server as I'm in the process of adding three more PCs in a network. Anyone with a solution? please help....

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I hadn't tried that one and it looks promising. Thanks for your help.
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Yep! OpenDns will sort her out. I have 2 boys who knows too much for there age and opendns have my saviour.

Also, if its a windows box, install avast and twick the sercurity firewall it works to prevent viruses a trojans in real time.
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Get eScan Internet Security Suite

It has comprehensive Digital Protection and Parental Control eScan 11 provides enhanced Web Protection and Privacy Protection features, such as User-based Parental Control, Pop-up Filter, and Virtual Keyboard.

Parental Control and Pop-up Filters are customizable features that would help you block offensive content and Pop-ups, respectively. It also includes an advanced Web Phishing Filter that warns you of Phishing Websites and a Virtual Keyboard that protects your system against keyloggers. You can use this keyboard while typing sensitive information, such as banking passwords or credit card numbers.

It has even more features man.
Read http://www.escanav.com/english/content/products/escan_soho/escan_soho_iss.asp

NB: It's not a free application program.You pay the license which is about 40$/year

Option #2 Use Zentyal 3.0 to run a proxy on your home lan and customise your rules according to what you want & how you want it including traffic shaping etc. Use the community edition it's still free as of now :-)

Option #3 My former employer has released quite an interesting proxy that you can use freely for up to 10Users on your lan. You get this for free but the block list won't be updated for you. Otherwise it's a great option. Try it out.Should you want support then forget and smile on this one unless if u pay. The Zentyal support is found on the community forums but Anubis proxy is paid for or free if you're a cool dude :-) talk to craig at houseofsoz dot com. You should know him the man who sold out the other 1U rack servers to you the other time.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
DHCP Server
Squid Analysis Report Generator
Go to http://www.anubisproxy.com/
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