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when using xp on my computer it will be having 64mb of graphics memory but when i instal windows vista or 7 it becoms 8mb how do i get it back to 64mb . Its a p4 wth 2,5ghz procesr and 1gig ram

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3 Answers

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This depends on the graphics card on your computer.

if its an onboard card you can likely change the value in your BIOS settings - Windows version upgrades cannot change available ram like that generally so one or the other is reporting it wrong (likely Vista)

as a personal opinion 1GB ram is probably very low for windows vista, its likely that your system has the ability to assign extra memory for graphics from the default that was set in the BIOS its most likely that with Win XP you had plenty of memory spare to do this, however Windows Vista is a much more power hungry OS than Win XP so you likely do not have the memory available to assign - upgrading your memory would be your solution here

it could also be down to graphics card drives not being available for your card so you are only using a "generic" driver which limits the abilities/performance of your graphics - you should check you have the latest available drivers for your graphics card and that it supports windows vista

if you have a dedicated graphics card you cannot increase the memory generally without replacing the card completely for a better model
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Check the actual breakdown of the memory, i.e. Dedicated Video Memory, System Video Memory and Shared System Memory.

That will give you a better understanding of where your memory went. the old 64MB you used to see on XP was probably just the extra memory committed to your card from the system RAM. 8MB  might be the actual onboard RAM of your video card.

1GB overall RAM for your PC is hardly enough to pass around on a Win 7 PC, I'd up that to 2GB or 3GB. Your video will likely get a higher allocation after an upagrade.

Just curious though, is this reduction in video RAM noticeably affecting the performance?
yes very much ican not play any games when i nstal win vista or 7 and and it will also be having a poor vedio picture when playing vedios but other applications wrk well
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by new here (140 points)
If it is dedicated graphics then you cant change.  For that, you have to change the card completely. If it is onboard card then you can change the value through bios setting.
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