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is it possible to hide the last seen status? How?

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Well, the answer to this question has changed. Now it's possible to hide your your last seen status from some WhatsApp contacts.

"For users of Android devices all you have to do is go to your settings tab. You then Select the Account option and under this select the first tab marked Privacy. Under this you will get the list of options of who can see your personal information which includes “Last Seen”, Profile Photo and Status. Selecting any of these will give you options for Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. You can then adjust your settings to suit your preferences."
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according to whatsapp's website its not possible, however, if u use an android phone, u can download an app called WHATSAPP OFFLINE.Basically it maintains yr status as offline(when you are infact online) until u choose to appear as online
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WhatsApp will show online when your is connected to internet, i.e. when your account has credit and internet is connected. On Nokia S40 you can't disable internet connection ( EDGE, GPRS, HSPDA) while keeping voice connection, so for these phones: Online does not mean that someone is chatting. It only means the phone is connected to the WhatsApp servers
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online means u r chatin
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its not possible to hide the last seen status from all contacts on your phone but to hide from one person you block the person and he/she will only be able to see the last time you talked before you blocked him/her, to block on watsapp you go to options, select settings, then choose blocked contacts, and select add contact then add the person you want to block but note you can not block a number that is not saved in your contacts
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