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Is there any simple software to access restricted folders on a local pc? there was an error implementing the access control list on my hard drive and now i don't have access to it.. Even if i replace the owner in the securities tab. I have tried Unlocker but its not coming up i am using Windows 7...stuuuuuck

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3 Answers

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I boot from a Linux live cd and I do whatever want with the folders and files.
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Zibbo thanx hey that will be the last try, man i need smething i can work with ryt nw, and i don't have a live cd.. sooo ma1
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assuming you did not use encryption for the folder the easiest way is to use the cmd prompt & type the following cmd below

attrib -r -s -h C:\shepherd\nustyfolder /d /s

NB: Open the cmd shell as an admin i.e. right click the CMD short cut & click on run as administrator.

NB: Use the same command even on sticks or file systems hidden by nusty broswer hijack viruses that hide all contents.

NB: Substitute C:\shepherd\nustyfolder with the actual location of your folders / files.

Good luck
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I do not usually answer things I'm not sure of but allow me throw this wild suggestion. If there is an are on the OS and you do not want to use zibbo's solution (which I believe is one of the best), you may try to do a system restore if you had a restore point saved before the mess or do a repair installation else boot into safe mode and see if you cannot manipulate your files from there.
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