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Has anyone ever got any meaningful help from this gov department? Please state if so.

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We invited the ICT Ministry (the perm sec) to the Broadband Forum (http://broadband.techzim.co.zw ) to be part of the panelists, just so he could respond to some questions and hear out what the private sector, startups and young people are experiencing in terms of stumbling blocks, what these people are working on, what they would like help with etc... He promised emphatically that he'd come. On the day of the event, he didn't show up at all.

Called his phone a few minutes before the session he was supposed to participate in and his PA answered to tell me he was busy. No one ever got in touch to explain what happened.

Fortuntely, our event wasn't hinged on the government so it went exceedingly well without their participation. A guy from POTRAZ spoke for policy direction.

We had specifically invited the perm sec because we have been to events where the minister himself has been invited to speak and he either, shows up very late with everyone pausing the event and calling him anxiously, or doesn't show up at all! We knew the minister would be worse and thot at least perm sec would keep his word. we were wrong.

But your question is are they worth their name. A name is just a name. Private sector, startups, students and entrepreneurs; we have to march on and not expect much help from them. Sad but that's what it is. if you expect much from government, you'll only slow yourself down and get frustrated.
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i worked for them. Quit. bunch of the top guys are diploma level educated. (not to say there is anything wrong with diplomas) so how can u expect them to be innovative. Take the director for egovernemnt, she is a former teacher, has no ICT knowledge whatsover, administration, organising trips and so on, the guys are good...but come to ICTs, they know nothing, after all learning and old age is things that dnt go hand in hand.

the Permanent Secretary and the honourable Minister they are enthusiastic and energetic, have the drive and the vision(at least thats how it appears when they talk) but the team they lead is dead wood.

at the risk of sounding like i am ranting or have a vendetta with these guys, i think the main issue is that for strategic posts in the ministry they consider experience and years of service instead of skill and qualifications.

A lot of bright guys quit, how ca you be led by someone you are teaching how to troubleshoot their internet connection, how to update their antivirus, how to configure outlook?

Do you know that the MICT website is joomla? they have sent guys to India to learn wb development, the guys come back after blowing over 5000 usd but we never see any improvements on the site, no live chats, no feedback, no any nice hings to show that the webmaster went for 6 months training in INDIA!!!

i recall one day, they asked me to print some documents and send them over to headoffice, and i was like why not use email and their response was, email is slow?HELLO we are the figurehead of ICTs?
well such is the despairing state of things at MICT, from an insider point of view, anways nothing good ever came out fo government
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Kkkkk, email is slow????? (rolling on the floor laughing).
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on their need for printed documents, i actually remember one day when i met the perm sec and he asked for some data that we compile as part of our work.
I told him I'd send an email and he said well yedu ye ZARnet sometimes goes down. Then I said, well, if you have a gmail account I'll send to that one. he does have one, but still insisted on the printed documents. he actually suggested someone there could come pick up the document.
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hahaha, thats their thing, they dnt believe in ICTs. we once requested dongles and laptops so we could work at home, and they were ike, no you guys want to abuse internet. i told them, but we are the ministry of ICT, we are supposed to be on top of everything...and they were like no no, its an expensive project, not worth it, so they would rather give new laptops and dongles to Chiefs and War veterans. To give employees s they can be productive, no, its not worth it.

its a sad state of things. i guess its like that in every other ministry...
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Very sad indeed.
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I remember very well when chat263 discussed about ICTs and i suggested that whosoever is responsible for chosing Ministers should select an ICT person to head the ministry, Chamisa is an orator (and a liar for that matter). we need people who understand the ministry and industry.

On Chamisa and his crew not turning up for meetings, am surprised it still surprises you, If he decides to turn up, he will be very late, but again thats if he thinks you are important enought to turn up, remember these guys are now running serious businesses so they need to be attending to their money spinning ventures not these industry concerns.

You have srious probs when yo minister is running car sales and magonyeti and not an ICT business, he doesnt even believe in the industry.
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Now that we have new faces in ICT ministry, what is there to expect!!
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