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I'm using Opera Mini on my "non-smart" phone. It works very well most of the time. The trouble is that one day out of the blue, when I was attempting to start it, it began to start "installing" rather than "loading" as it usually does.

It happened before a few months ago, so I deleted it and re-installed, and was working normally. Now all of a sudden it has done it again.

I thought I would just switch to another browser that doesn't have these issues but it looks like there are not may alternatives that have features as good as Opera.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this problem?

Or is there another browser that is as good for "non-smart" phones?

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This might not be relevant but useful. When you try to install a browser be it on phone or PC, the first thing that happens is the browser will check your handset to verify if its compatible. lt then fetches the files or executables relevant to you phone, then install.

On different note, opera was the first browser to work on most phone years ago when there was nothing called smart phones. What l think is happening is that Opera is able to find old type of executables relevant to your non smart phone and installs them, them after installation, it is now able to find updates which it will try to install without verifying that they can work with your phone.

Im not sure if its possible but cannot you install what opera that works on your phone and switch off automatic updates?
Thanks macd that makes a lot of sense.

In fact, when this problem happened a few months ago, I deleted the "faulty" version and re-installed. After it had finished re-installing I realised that I had actually installed the latest version (4.3) yet the one I had deleted was definitely a previous version.

Whilst I was happy to get the upgrade, its frustrating that I lost the bookmarks I had meticulously created and the Saved Pages I had preserved for future perusal.

So your train of thought is backed up by my previous experience.

I have re-installed again and its working as normal once again, but this time there is no obvious update that I can see (not to say that there isn't one). I will try to disable the auto-update system as suggested.

Thanks for taking the time to help! I had also gone through the Opera Mini official forum and there were at least 2 other people somewhere in the world who had the same problem but none of the answers were as spot on as yours.

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Big up YOU for using the platform. thanks hey. makes it all worthwhile.
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If you didnt format the memory location of your opera mini then your saved pages should still be there depending on how computer savvy you are you can find them. the files should be hidden but if u can find the file they should have the extension obml .. take those files and save them in the new location on your phone where  opera mini saves the pages.
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This prob  was caused by u not following e correct   procedure when exiting . the correct method is to press e menu button and scroll down to exit, dont use e cancel or e red button to when exiting. by using this method u give ur phone enough tym to save e browser system files . so if yo phone kips installing at starting it is a indication that system files have been corrupted and the browser ll try to repair this by downloading new one everytime u start e browser. solution delete e corrupted browser download a new one and make sure ur phone meet min memory req
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i dont think the problem is the problem is the exiting procedure . my phone has the same problem . Every time i exit opera mini i make sure i do that and still it starts installing form scratch.
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This might be beacuse it is failing to connect online, check your settings
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