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Hello, I seem to be in a predicament ever since Brodacom went broke, I've been searching for a good (well tolerable) ISP for home use.

My first choice was uMax but I discovered today that there's no signal in my area (Marimba/Mufakose). Telone is out of the question because I have some debts there and Powertel had said that their signal doesn't reach my area (was some time ago, not sure if that changed). I'm searching for something roughly like what Brodacom was or what uMax is offering but covers the Marimba/Mufakose area since I'm a heavy user. Anything 20GB plus or Uncapped at a reasonable price (-$75)  would be awesome. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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none of the providers are doing unlimited at $75 a month (currently)

the closest you can get is telone platinum (2mbps) at $249 per month after VAT

next after that is zol at $275 per month for 1mbps unlimited - assuming there wimax can reach you or there is fibre nearby

yoafrica i believe is similarly priced but cant remember and likely has same difficulties as Zol/Liquid
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Thanks.. I guess there's no such thing as real affordable, good value Internet in Zim.
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it will come soon, but at the moment, nothing fits your price range for unlimited
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:-) pay TelOne first... Karma is after your @$$ dude. Every ISP you will join will close coz you ain't paying dude. :-)

Pay up... rofl
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I will not pay for a service that from nowhere triplicated my bill. They're not getting a cent from me.
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