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What is it with all th tiles like a phone screen...

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I've been using Windows 8 since last year in august with the previews and now I'm on Pro 64bit, which mind your was a great deal online since they were discounting it online for only US$39.99 for a limited period ending 24 January this year.
enough about that. Well from my perspective, you can only enjoy something as much as you let yourself. You're right, Windows seven wasn't an OS that made me go WOW! since upgrading I've been enjoying a much faster PC, windows seven lags too much. Windows 8 simply put is faster. I use my laptop extensively for school, and i do a lot of programming so i needed a fast PC with a reasonably fast OS which windows 8 is. As for the tiles, they're easy use manipulate and get used to. if the new Metro start isn't to your liking you can easily bring back the old windows start with third party apps like start8 (paid), or even more free apps. Windows 8 is moving into a new direction and i personally don't see what Microsoft did wrong. The world is moving towards touch devices, that's the bottom line. the world cant stop and wait for the poor African lot who wont be able to afford touch sensitive PCs. Its true that to fully enjoy windows 8 you need a touch screen laptop but that's not to say its a non starter for the conventional PC. its got tonnes of free and paid apps in the windows store. That said i think you should give a GOOD try before you rule it out. Be objective in your assessment and if you still don't like it....oh well one man's meat.....you know the rest!
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This is a company laptop so basically l cannt change or add third party software. Im naturally a Linux person only using Windows at work and this laptop which hav jus been bought specifically for my company use.

Let me clarify that l have access to some insane fast computers and Micro$haft with its old and latest Windows releases is not on that list of fast computers.

Like you said, one man's meat....
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You are the learning stage/discovering new things about it, and your current mindset is making you want it to be what it's not. This is human nature when using something for the first time after using something that seemed similar to it but is different.
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I just think MS is becoming unfriendly with each release. I thot Win 7 was bad!!
When I tried out my cousins w8 laptop, it felt like I was trying to figure out a piece of alien tech liberated from area 51! I do ,however, think it would be a whole different story if I'd tried it the way microsoft intended it to be used http://youtu.be/Fzwv_Bggbs8 You can't look at that and tell me that somewhere inside you don't find that even slightly cool!
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true that,..if u are used to win 7, trying to use win 8 is a nightmare when using   non-touch hardware, I'm yet to use it on hardware that MS intended, i'm sure it will be a great experience!
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I didnt get it too
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