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I would like to offer bulk sms service to my clients. Please advise if there is a software I can use to offer bulk sms facility or I have to partner with mobile operators like Econet. Please advise, thank you.

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How is this "offering" going to work? Is it going to be a free service to your clients when they are going to be directly charged or you want to be the middleman and charge them service fee.

Either way, you need to talk to econet and find out about charges and so on.
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It depends with the scope of your service and your customer's needs.

For Example:
1.) If you want to use bulk sms service for your customers to market their products & services to their target market then you must consult with your mobile operator of choice who can then broadcast the sms's to their subscribers.

2.) If you want to use bulk sms service for your clients to communicate with their clientele then you can use either econet or the web based bulk sms service. I used http://www.bulksms.com/ for a free sms site and generated $ from advertisements. With BulkSMS they provide solutions to send and receive SMS messages using the Internet through:
BulkSMS's Desktop Software
The BulkSMS Web site
Your Email Software
Your Mobile
One of BulkSMS's API's
The BulkSMS application programming interfaces (eAPI's) are easy to integrate, making it the best choice for developers or any company to SMS enable own systems. E.G. You could subscribe the service and link it to the Bank system so that any transactions done on one's bank account will send an sms alert. You can use the same for various uses etc.

Compare the prices from the available mobile operators i.e. ECONET / TELECEL / NETONE and the international community and make an informed decision.
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Thank you for the feedback. I need to provide the sms service to clients say at $0.03c per sms. will explore the option of engaging the mobile operators. am not too sure if the web based bulk sms also works the same way with the offering provided by mobile operators. please clarify, thank you.
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the mobile operators have an advantage in the sense that, should you want to broadcast adverts or marketing material randomnly they already have a huge phone book but if it's a matter of helping your clients send status updates to their customers then the bulk sms option could be cheaper and effective in the long run because you can customise the service.

High reliability and capacity
No hidden, monthly, or setup costs
SMS Message history with delivery/status reports
Scheduling of messages etc. You can literally make / customise the service to suit your needs.

Again so please try coretalk it is one of the best providers of similar service http://coretalk.co/ we once worked with these folks when we did a hospital system a few years ago.
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for much more info which i cannot  post here please email me : to include phone and or skype id.  here  chiradzad at gmail dot com . the email works, write it in a usual format, (spam prevention)
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If also what you want to do is just send SMSs to your clients, you can send me a private msg and will be willing to assist you! or you can call 0773850862 / email info@cellfunsystems.com
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Did u manage in your bulk sms endeavours. i have a bulk sms platform and i offer the messages @ 2c for every text to the 3 mobile operators i.e. Econet, telecel and netone..
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Hi there are best offer and cheapest price from https://www.experttexting.com/ and i am also thi site use it's very easy portal with best price!
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