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Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here
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Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here

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That'd be the basic Android smartphones. A ZTE one Econet was selling a few months ago (not sure if they still have it) was going for US $75
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I can supply samsung ACE for $50 as many handsets
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Novatel would that be a new samsung ace or a used one
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How does one get in touch with you
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Nokia Asha 201  is one of the cheapest phone that  supports whatsapp messenger . Its cost is nearly 4000. I would like to share my experience here : I would like to buy Nokia phone which supports whatsapp in online . Unlocked phones are too expensive . So, i have decided to get a carrier locked phone . I got a locked phone from ebay and unlock it from the provider   superunlockcodes.com   . Its working good .

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There are many Andriod devices that support WhatsApp in Harare, Zimbabwe. I saw one, new, not second-hand, going for $40.

So, at the moment I say Android has taken the cup in this arena.

And with so many apps available in the Google Play store (did I mention the 'F' word? - FREE) there are so many other interesting apps that you can run on these phones.
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Next month NOVA mobile will make the cheapest whatsApp phone in the world.
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