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I have head from 2 sources now that Telone is giving dongles to a selected few testing its new baby of delivering high speed internet to those millions without copper lines coming to their houses and offices. The service is piggy backing on its already established CDMA land line infrastructure which delivers land lines without need for a wire cable coming to your door

Anyone in the know about this?

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That would be awesome... AT least Telobe its one ISP thats true to its word. Anyone with the info please share with us
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how are they true to there word? and how are the other isp's not true to there words? curious here as my own experience begs to differ
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This is really only a rumor. TelOne is a fixed line operator and does not and will not be offering wireless internet solutions. You can get an ADSL connection using your landline and connect a wifi router, and WALLAH! You have a wireless TelOne internet connection. ;)
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You are right.  Telone is a fixed line operator. But remember the same telone has another service running for years now giving people land lines which are not connected to any cable. Just like econet, telecel , etc.

And Telone actually holds the 4th Mobile phone license which they are not utilizing yet
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Telone is not restricted to laws like other ISPs. It hav access to every licenses the gvt can give plus it have alsi access to free land.

They have been sitting on a mobile license for ages now. Also they have been giving wireless internet, bt the thing that got popular was the wireless landline.
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