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I installed biNu for testing and it didnt excite me to keep on my fone for long. That was in March

Early morning yesterday around 1am it started ''spamming" through text messages direct to my number telling they have been some activity on my account.

I found that very annoying especially that l removed the app from my phone and for to stop the text msg l had to reinstall the app l dont need and disable txt notification.

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Hi Macdonald,

Firstly, notifying you that a member of the biNu community has sent you a message or commented on your wall hardly implies "spamming".

You can easily disable notifications in your biNu account settings.

Secondly, biNu is a "cloud platform", which implies that your account details are managed in the cloud, not on the phone.

A benefit of biNu is that you can log into your account from any phone that has biNu installed, and now also the web.

Uninstalling biNu on a phone doesn't delete your biNu account, the same way deleting Internet Explorer doesn't delete access to any web-based services.

I would suggest, rather than randomly slagging off biNu, that you just delete your biNu account and be on your way
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Let me specify that there is nothing special about "being in the cloud"  or cloud platform you are singing about. If that is being a cloud platform is its greatest selling point then thats its weakness as well because everything is in the cloud nowadays.

Even at our company we are selling a private cloud platform.

It might have been oversight bt it looks like act of selling a product which pple dont want. Take for example facebook, if you dont log in into your acc for days, they start spamming you with reminder messages.

Same with twitter and linkedin
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What does it actually do because l dont need its bandwidth saving crap, lm on pure unlimited 40-50Mb upload and download 4G broadband on my mobile?

Dont biNu pple know that in some parts of the world sleeping is a very precious commodity some pay thousands of Obamas to get?
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