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I can't connect my Nokia lumina 610 to WIFI it shows that its connected but  I can not browse . It automatically detects the  IP address ,Subnet mask ,Default gateway and DNS . DNS suffix is blank . It is an open network. I can only connect to internet via the USB cable of which if I try to download applications it gives me the message that i should disconnect from the computer.

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Can you connect to any wireless router with no problem? I have narrowed my tips to some beacon interval settings of your router.

Please follow tips on page 2 of this nokia discuss board as there are a lot of users with same problem as yours.

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Is it your wireless or somebody?

 Is there any other devices wireless or wired connected to that network which you can verify that you are getting same ip range?

What is the ip, default gateway and dns you are getting?

Clarify that the wireless is yours because l sometimes play with those that want to get free wireless internet access by leaving my access point open.

But then for any devices to get internet, l only allow by mac address. Any mac address l have not authorised to get internet will not get it although on that person's device it will show wireless connected and everything ok!
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Before looking far, make sure you arent trying to connect your phone on an ahoc protocol wifi, some phones (usualy un-rooted phones) cant connect on adhoc networks
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