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Ok, here is my challenge, my machine used and still runs on Win7, sometime last week i decided to install win 8 on a different partition on the same machine. The two operatinf systems were working well together until I accessed Win 7's User files from Win 8, from that time, when i logged in using win 7, it logged me in with a 'temporary' account and i could not access my documents anymore, I also accessed the wamp folder (c\wamp\ (developers will know)) from win 8.
Now i managed to gain access to the win 7 user files and am logging in well with win 7, needless to say, my win 8 no longer works from that time, but i dont care!

The Problem.
The permissions to my wamp folder had changed so i i could not even run my have localhost online, I changed the Owner and Permissions for the whole folder, but now my folders and files have this funny golden lock and i have again to try and grant access to each folder/file independently, any solutions to this?

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Right click you CMD prompt and run as administrator.

Inside the command prompt run the following command :-
 attrib -r -s -h C:\wamp /d /s

After the command finishes try and open the folder again or try and run your WAMP server. That flag is similar to sticky bit found in Unix like operating systems such as many Linux flavors.

attrib Attributes
- Remove
r Read Only
s System Files
h Hidden Files
C:\wamp is the directory you want to change the permissions
/d switch into subdirectories
/s switch to also apply changes to subdirectories of current directory

Good luck :-)
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