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i keep having my email added to the zimbiz mailing lists - i never signed up for it, and i can only speculate that somebody took advantage of when dipleague stopped working and stole there list

its actually really ticking me off now that i keep getting added despite complaining about it

seems some very dodgy tactics are being employed to get the list size increased

as a follow up question does anybody know what (if any) anti spam laws are in place in zim - i do note that the site is hsoted in the US so its likely it falls under US laws which are pretty solid for stuff like this

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Angel & Walt Consulting are responsible for the said domain...I have provided their details below. Let me know if you need any more info, qmail MTA has a badmailfrom file you could simply list the offending sender or sender domain in it and enjoy smap fre mailboxes.


Suite 504, Regal Star House
25 George Silundika Ave, Cnr First Street
Harare, Zimbabwe

T: 08644 069 399/ 08644 064 283
M: 0772 957 786/ 0772 745 905/ 0734 108 064

W: www.angelwalt.co.zw
E:  info@angelwalt.co.zw
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yeah i use google apps and icloud for mail so cant do the qmail stuff - its just a pain to have to "fix" other peoples problems - they should know better as a host
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