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Somewhere I can buy without a credit card but whose prices are as competitive as godaddy.com's

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OK, I'm going to go a little off topic here but I just want to say that I host my domains with WebDev:
207 Josiah Tongogara, cnr 9th
Tel:  702906

At $20 per domain per year (both local and international) they may not be the cheapest player in town but they have the best and the fastest support in the country (which I think should be on the top of your requirements). Their technical person (Ronald) is very good and highly competent
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Locally,  you will not be able to get an international domain for under $15. The ISP's operate accounts with the likes of Godaddy, buy the domains at $10 or so dollars, add a small margin of between $5 and $10 dollars.

Without a credit card we are looking at $15 (Yo!Africa), $20 (Webdev) and $50 (most of the other service providers)

Webdev's $20 will include DNS hosting but excludes email accounts.
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I suggest http://www.9cubehosting.com/cheap_domains/  where they provide domain names at very low cost.......and have varied payment option like PayPal,Visa card, etc.You can visit their official site for their terms.
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