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WHats your take on cyber squating and domain farming guys?seems like some people are buying domain names with the sole intent or resseling something they bought for 20 bucks for thouands, to illutsrate here s the response i got from a certain agent on enquiring about the availability of the domain izimbabwe.com

My name is xxxx xxxx, and I am a Domain Broker with DomainNameSales.com.  Currently, I represent the owner of izimbabwe.com and I would like to thank you for your inquiry.  

I spoke with seller and based on many criteria his expectations are $14,000.00.

Please feel free to contact me If you would like to discuss the evaluation of this name, the sellers rationale and or any other questions you may have

isnt this madness guys? 14 thousand dollars?

The Geek

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3 Answers

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Its all about the Benjamins, and it aint illegal! But morally bad, maybe!
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i personally dislike it, but its a neccessary evil in many cases
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To an individual it might look like an over kill but l have known companies paying a lot of money for such things.
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