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What is more important, national security or liberal individual privacy?


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fibre tapping is theoretically possible if you have physical access

the question is whether the connect parties would notice the initial setting of the tap, as to my knowledge it would require a break in the fibre to place a device that basically splits the fibre signal and splicing fibre back together isnt a particularly fast process (especially if they doing it at see via Sub's

i think there needs to be a balance of national security and individual privacy - the laws need to allow due process and give security agencies a better framework to operate in

it does not surprise me the information sharing between UK and US - its a little sickening to see what the US policy is on data from non US citizens and how its possible for both UK and US to obtain information that would have been illegal to obtain in there own countries yet they get it anyway by getting there buddies on the other side of the pond to do the snooping
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if only you knew the two do not exist then you will not determine which evil is lesser.
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