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Hi. So I was reading that simply changing your DNS to something like Open DNS or google DNS can help improve the speed of your browsing. However its only so if the DNS servers are close to your location anyway. So do you know of any DNS servers that will actually lead to an improvement in speed?


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Google is best since they have dns servers almost everywhere and in every continent.
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Google DNS: and

or opendns and

are the biggest/best 2 DNS providers

openDNS has the benefit of allowing you to setup DNS level filtering for free as well so may be useful in those scenarios
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Hi. Original question asker here...A little word of caution for google DNS...it seems my downloads would start seemingly fast then slow to a crawl and then eventually time out!..Without google DNS they download perfectly again...even with Open DNS though not as bad..so be careful. I don't know if its my setup, ISP or the DNS service disrupting downloads in such a way. Even torrents seem drastically slower after implementing these changes and I've even tried restarting my sytem, router etc.
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thats not a google dns issue, once you have an IP from DNS your machine connects direct to the end server so if its fast then slows down thats an issue with your connection or the other server (or any step in between)

that being said - some popular sites will use GeoDNS load balancing to make sure you go to the closest and least loaded server for there site, Google DNS, OpenDNS and any global DNS platform like it can intefere with this process especially if they don't have there DNS nodes geographically close to you what tends to happen here is that you get an IP thats close to the DNS server which might actually be far away from you and there may be a closer server than originally selected. I know that google are researching ways to stop this becoming a problem but as far as i am aware nothing is implemented yet
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Just a little extra.. i have found using other DNS services allows you to access region specific information.  My favorite at the moment is http://tunlr.net/get-started/  allows you to watch HULU etc. so if you have a fast connection you can watch pretty much any show and keep up.
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