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a blackberry 9530 Verizon Wireless, USA. Its supposed to be a gsm/cdma phone. I have tried to use my Africom cdma line, but the phone does not recognise this line. It however works well with GSM networks like telecel, netone and econet. Can anyone help me on how to jailbreak this as the phone does accesses the network, but does not phone when using cdma, but phones when using gsm. Please do help me here, i am in a quatry

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I used this service http://iunlockblackberry.com/mep-2/, had to pay for a MEP but it was worth it. It was for an AT&T Bold 9700 which was GSM but it should still work
I have experience with this guys and they are fast and very cheacp service  I really recommend them besides anyone http://myunlockcode.com/unlock-blackberry
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You are referring to unlocking,jailbreak is the term referred to iPhone.You can get your Blackberry phone unlocked from any vendors online .later unlock it by following this instruction which i found in http://www.mobileunlockguide.com/blackberry-9530.
Warning: Do not enter any wrong unlock unlock codes on your Blackberry 9530 mobile phones. If you enter over a certain amount of wrong unlock codes on your mobile phone, your phone may get hard locked and sometimes become unusable.

1 - Switch ON your Blackberry 9530 phone with Not Accepted SIM Card.
2 - Click on Turn All Connections Off.
3 - Press Back button to go Back one Step.
4 - Go to Options.
5 - Select SIM Card.
6 - Press the Menu Key and select Show Keyboard.
7 - Tilt the phone in Horizontal Position so that the Keyboard is displayed in the Landscape Mode.
8 - Type MEPD (letters will not appear on-screen but a menu will pop up).
9 - Type MEP2 (user will be prompted to enter MEP code).
10 - Enter the unlock code.
11 - The Blackberry 9530 phone would then display the message 'Code Accepted' and unlocked successfully!
12 - Go back to the Home Screen. Press the Menu Button and click on Manage Connections.
13 - Click on Turn All Connections On.
14 - The phone will now reboot and 'Activation Required' will no longer be displayed.

*NOT ACCEPTED : We mean, to use a Sim card from a network other than the network your Blackberry 9530 is locked to.
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