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Weebly is the utlimate for super straight forward sites...ideal for churches, personal sites and small business sites.

Another option is tumblr though its more blog oriented.

If you wish to get a bit technical then look at wordpress and joomla.
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Just to add the Weebly web address: http://www.weebly.com/
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There are 3 things involved
There is the content on the site,then there is a company to host that content then a domain name.
1.First you need to buy a domain name,for example mywebsite.com or whatever you want to call it.
2.You need a company to host your site,you pay an annual fee,or monthly fee, whatever you host requires.
3Now that you have the name and host now comes making the content,or the webpages themselves.To create content for your website,you can make use of softwares like adobe dreamwaver,adobe fireworks and joomla to name the ones I know of.For instance my profile pic was designed using fireworks.The said softwares allow you to create the like ,share,contact us buttons and so much more.
That said,there is wordpress,check it out,it also helps to manage content on your wordpress site and it runs on android,Blackberry ,PC blah blah
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What type of website?
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There are three main steps to creating a  own website.

1) Register Domain Name
2) Host your website site
3) Design your website

I have designed  my own  web site  by using website builder tool. I got this website builder tool http://www.9cubehosting.com/free_tools/website_building_software/  from this site at free of cost. Here i have registered my domain name and also hosted my sites. So they are providing this web site builder tool at free of cost. Then i made a colorful web site.Now my websites are very good look.
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In today's technological world creating a website by self in not that hard. One can build a simple website (not so complex) by just referring online information and some guidance. For a website on will need following things.
1) A website : can create by himself/herself or can buy read made templates or can hire some professional developer to do this.
2)Domain name : Look for some domain registrars, easily available on the Internet
3) Hosting : will need a someone to host that website. Any company that will host a website. There are companies like this http://www.umpaweb.com which provides both website development and hosting.
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for the the design part, i would recommend you to use wordpress,or joomla.with those content management systems you can create a website within a short space of time,html, html5,php languages can a bit difficulty for you to use,unless you are a programmer already.try lynda.com joomla tutorials, they will help you in the process of designing a website up until you want to publish it.before you start designing,make sure you list all your requirements and collect all the information you want to be displayed on the website.
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