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please can any one tell is are any device s that can facilite satellite dish installation?

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Depending on which Satelite you want to connect to and what services you want to reach there are quite a few devices you could grab. For instance if one once to grab the most common satelite in Southern Africa i.e. Pas 7/10 ku or now known as Intelsat 7/10 you may want to grab the analog Satellite Meter & Finder. This is relatively priced up to 25$ depending on the shop or your supplier.

If you want to go pro then you can purchase  a digital Satellite Meter & Finder and a Compass or something with all built in one device. You may purchase or download a digital transponder map too to help you with your azmuth calculations

<b>Before i mislead you too much i should have mentioned that you need training on how to become a professional installer. You can eier do it yourself or do instructir led training or web based training. Without tools and knowledge you are useless and without you, the knowledge and tools are equally useless too.


good luck

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