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Whence art thou this INTERNET revolution? Who is going to rise up and give us....good service....not just...CHEAP....i mean cheap as in cheap like africom service during the day? Please advise.Where do we run to now?

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You get what you pay for... put simply it is oversubscribed.

A wireless solution must be charged per meg like it is almost everywhere else in the world.  Simply because when I am raping the connection I am impacting everyone else connected to the same wireless source.  A cabled or more point to point solution means the ISP can give you your fare share (locally anyway) regardless of what other people are doing.  On top of that you need to go to an ISP that has the international bandwidth to handle all its connections.  Many way oversubscribe their their pakages.

I am a heavy user and use ADSL from YoAfrica, there are the odd international outages (like two nights ago) but it is up 95% of the time and I get full 1mg a second at 200ms ping times to Europe, stable enough for gaming and to stream BBC Iplayer in 480P.  Yes its more expensive at 85 a month (plus 30 to telone for the ADSL) but I feel it is worth it for that sort of performance.   As off peak is free I can and have pulled over 50 gig in a month.

I am not saying Yoafrica is the best, they just who I have used and am happy with, im just pointing out there are good internet alternatives out there if you willing to pay a little more.
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Try to log on during off peak when there is less congestion.
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I am sure congestion is pretty bad during the day. Have you also noticed that it works well after hours?
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Seek assistance from their offices
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