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Remember 3 million minutes a day @ 40c/min is no joke.Econet does NOT own peep i diaspora and as such it infringes people's freedom to choose how they make calls from out side into Zim,The problem is that Econet is protecting Liquid their sister company to be the sole carrier for international. Remember that Econet now uses their MPLS network over fibre to carry both data and voice across oceans.Econet has NOT passed those savings to the end user by lowering international calls. So with POTRAZ ECONET have ganged up and come up with some dubious term called "refiling" if one user the internet to carry calls from outside into Zim. This is a bag of garb.Companies like Africom , Telco , Aquiva , Brodacom have burnt their fingers when they have tried to enter this business.Some dudes have been arrested for using local SIM cards to carry traffic from outside. This cant continue.You see in digital technology bits are bits 0s and 1s.Whether you carry voice or data or view or an IM it doesnt matter. Why should Econet be protected in this arena when Econet bull dozes its way into banking via Ecocash. This must stop.You cant fight intelligent use for technology.Innovate or whither. You are fighting a losing war. Any one interested in this challenge contact us on zolatel@gmail.com GW

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I fully understand and agree with you. But the problem is we have a clue regulator who enjoys the comfort pockets of econet. As long as econet is paying them peanuts in licensing fees and getting invited and booked into flash hotels, they are happy. What we have is econet and other telecoms dictating what potraz can do. We have a regulator being regulated by its subjects through financial strings.
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