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In Zimbabwe we "don't" / might not have either skills,tools,spare or competence or all of the above for such work.What i know is that some Zim folks are good at stealing screws or components of such items especially the ones that have been bricked and can't switch on.

Consider buying a new one or selling that broken one to someone who might want the covers,lcd or anything not affected by the power surge. Meanwhile don't give up, if all other things are equal some gadgets blow the fuse and that can be replaced easily. However if your switching power supply is digital and embedded in a chip then there is no hope as of now. "I STAND TO BE CORRECTED IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO CAN WORK ON THESE"

Keep looking around but consider replacing the tablet to void headaches.
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generally no as it would usually mean that the circuit board is damaged beyond reasonable repair, check though, the black mark could just be scorch marks from another component which could be desoldered from the board and replaced - that said though tablets and other small gadgets have such small electronics that i would have to ask how possible that actually is to do in Zim, much like Shepherd said

Circuit boards themselves generally aren't replaceable on tablets and other small gadgets without totally replacing your device, because they probably form the bulk of the device costs
Thank you guys
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