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As of July 07 you can't decode the encryption using Wiz 260.

Keep watching the web space on the new SABC vivid decoders.Once vivid is on the market the alternative clones will come sooner than later. This has happened before and i am sure it might happen too.Mean while enjoy BTV & other FTA channels...
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According to SABC representatives, Vivid decoders are set to receive signal in SA only...even if you bought the decoder it won't do you any good here in Zim.You wanna watch SABC you gonna have to buy Dstv decoder and subscribe in SA, other than that its btv and Mytv Africa all the way.
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that has been said before :-) it's all in encryption. SABC is using nagravision to encrypt it's signal and it can be opened. unless if they switch to nagravision 3.

let's wait and see. this has been said since the early days and still SABC was being watched throughout Africa
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i think u shuld buy a dstv bcoz  sabc is not free anymore it is payable on dstv
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Thats impossible now
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