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As from August 2013 i would like a stable internet link with a static public IP address.My budget is 150$ a month. I want something reliable in Tynwald North behind Sanganai Inn.

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For that budget forget static ip. Why do you need a static ip?

not sure if umax is in your area but umax or zol WiMAX has always been fastest turnaround for me with an approx 48 hour turnaround, telone is next quickest with approx 1 week. Assuming you have the landline already installed and active

fibre takes around 6-8 weeks from signing on the dotted line to being able to use it

EDIT: Telone you cannot get a static IP on there consumer ADSL service - you have to upgrade to there SHDSL service which is much much more expensive

Zol dont give static IP's on wimax products to my knowledge- i did enquire once but never got an answer about it

Umax will give static IP's but there is an extra cost to this (i never enquired of the actual cost as it wasnt so critical that i was prepare to pay extra for it) - that said your IP is fairly "static" if you get pinned to a single CPE and keep your Wimax box powered on all the time (with an Invertor or UPS)

Liquid Fibre will give you a static IP address as part of the package because formally its an IP transit service rather than a broadband internet service
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i'M in the process of relocating my small virtual data center runing esxi 5.1. I want to point a few pvt domains on to this link. In Botswana i was paying 799 which is less than 100$ for a wimax link with a static public ip at no extra cost. i have my mails on the same link too. On a monthly basis i am receiving about 6000 emails and most of these are status updates and daemons for other services i am runing on enterprise environments.

uMax was my first choice but then :-( things don't happen like the 48hour period you expirience. Maybe i should be a little bit patient with service levels in Zim. i was away for quite a while and i am slowly trying to start the adjustments.

i have to allow my link with the static ip on the various Fire Walls i have access to for security reasons.
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Liquid fibre will be your most reliable solution if they are out there yet and you get the static IP, they may offer a package around your price point - am currently paying $309 after tax for 128k CIR with burst up to 2.5mbps down and 1mbps up
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well that's the way to go then. Thanks man.

I think you've answered my concerns. :-) cheers.
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Renting static ip address is going to cost you serious money and maybe difficult to get.
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is that so ?

how expensive is that?
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I have a static ip with liquid. It doesn't cost me any extra than my connection
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Aaaah, thus good then. Bt they made it clear that its not yours forever should you move away from them. It might not come as separate charge but a service which requires a  static might cost a little bit more.
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ah your thinking of PI space (Provider Independant) - yeah you have to be registered with one of the internet registries (AfriNIC in our case) and then have to have various agreements in place with the ISP to route your IP's - its certainly not possible to do for a single IP, and definitely not possible to do at $150 per month!

Liquid Fibre provides a static IP as part of the connection but it is PA (Provider Allocated) which basically means  you only keep that IP while you are a liquid customer - there are only a  very few good reasons to require a static IP (generally mail or VPN) and with the exception of VPN if your running any level of mail server or service you want a seriously better connection than $150 a month can get you if you are serious about it!
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Thanks for the tips man. Mainly i want the static ip for my mail server with virtual domains. Also i will be managing, monitoring and maintaining a few VDC's and some network environments remotely.

I've a link with Liquid In botswana via BBI and the link is quite okay. I am not sure if in Zim they have good priced VSAT because the link i have from Liquid is somewhere next to a mine pit & i am paying about 389$ i.e. 2megs down & 256up. It works well for me coz 5simultenous pc's are using MSTSC to access virtual desktops outside the mine env
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