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There has been a surge in new computer vocabulary like green computing, small footprint, environmental friendly, energy saving. Whats all this? How is it related to a end user, bizness entities or corporate people?

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the whole idea is that the computers are more efficient and use less power and are more recyclable when they do reach there end of life

more energy efficient machines are great for business when you may not need top spec GFX cards accross the whole fleet of machines etc because for the company that means there computers will use less energy which means lower Zesa bills, lower air con requirements (because the machines produce less heat) which again lowers ZESA bills but also less warm air being expelled into the environment means less global warming (ok this one sits at a much higher scale than a single biz can do - but in the grander scheme of things its the important one)

if everyone used energy efficient machines this means ZESA demand would be lower which means in zim, less load shedding but in other countries like the UK this means they can use less power stations and burn less fossil fuels which again has massive benefits for the environment as a whole

less load shedding means less generators being run, which again means less pollution and greenhouse gases being emitted
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you can find more information here :

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