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this is a double barreled question really

Why do zim sites/dev's prefer Joomla over "insert PHP framwork/CMS here" and why is it that the majority of sites when hacked in zim are found to have Joomla in common? 

I'm not asking for a Joomla is better answer because that is purely subjective but i'd be curious to understand the reasons why Joomla is preferred. i also ask because i note that in the UK before i moved to Zim, Joomla was almost unheard of for websites (i say almost) and Wordpress, Drupal were much more popular at least from my personal experience and working with various Development agencies.

For example, I prefer Wordpress in the majority of cases because:

  • it has much much more comprehensive caching plugins with help maximise performance
  • it has more user friendly UI for publishing content
  • the majority of edit capabilties that end users want are editing content of pages and/or blog posting only
  • it is very widely supported around the globe so finding a developer later down the line is easier (generally)
  • Wordpress is probably the easiest CMS/framework to keep updated and thus free from the majority of security issues

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For me one of the major issue is cost in terms of money and time coupled with the real lack of appreciation of value from the market l wud develop every site in YII or Symphony if l had it my way but then again i al competing against someone charging Usd150 for a website against a market who does not know the diff between a site and a web app
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thats a very interesting answer, i hadn't looked at it that way before
whats the difference between a site and web app, thought they are one and the same thing
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website is generally monolithic in the sense that its either advertising a service/company/person or selling something (thats broadly speaking) - a web app tends to be a much more interactive service that performs 1 or several other functions that don't broadly fit into the above items, eg facebook is a social networking web app not a website
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