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I am trying to understand how a sim card has the ability to make a connection to its wireless service provider network and why cant like our laptops see the connection / airwaves?
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Just to comment.  You can get laptops with built in Qualcomm chipsets that allow you to insert a sim in the laptop (no dongle required) and access EVDO, UMTS, GPRS and GSM.  I have one such mini pci card in my HP and it works like a dream.  As long as you have a free mini pci slot and you can source a card you can add this feature without using a dongle.

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In simple terms,the phone is the one that sees the provider's network (frequency), It uses the SIM card to identify the  frequency on which to make a connection to, Authenticate and authorize the user to gain access to that network's resources e.g making call.

A normal laptop ,the WIFI hardware was designed to see on networks operating on the 2.4Ghz- 5Ghz frequency band, but the Econets and Telecels use GSM/HSDPA which operate on 850-1900Mhz/850-2100Mhz respectively. Hence you wont see these types of networks on the Laptop. The hardware is incompatible.

That is why you wold need 3G dongle & a SIM card to connect to such networks.
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thanks helped alot
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To generalise tendyfish in simple terms, when you use wireless, there are two types of channels you can use.

1. The unregulated channels.

These are channels which you can use for free without requiring authority from gvt or regulators. Things like walkie talkie, wifi use this channel.

2. The regulated channels.

These are heavily regulated and are cash cows for almost all governments worldwide. You will need licence to operate in these channels and they dont come cheap.
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thanks for the add on
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