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I stay in Surbabs, Bulawayo.

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TelOne ADSL... http://www.telone.co.zw/adsl.html
or if budget allows have fibre come straight into your home ;)
PowerTel, Liquid, ZOL and Telecontract do fibre to home not sure though how large their footprint is in Byo
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Well if you are in Suburbs (hi neighbour) then your house probably has a land-line so go for telone ADSL. If you don't have the use of that land-line, maybe go for Telecel - Econet 3G signal is pretty terrible at my place, but Telecel is strong. I've only seen fibre being done on Park and Pauling Road, so if you go that route and you DON'T live on either of those roads, there may be some digging involved. Please don't! Keep out neighbourhood pretty. I also hear yoafrica is pretty good, but you will have to fork out $250 for the wimax device.
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Fast doesnt come cheap bt adsl from Telone should be good for you.
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TelOne ADSL is a good service provider . I'm using TelOne for the past two years. My inrternet connection speed is good . I have tested in both http://www.speedtest.net and http://www.scanmyspeed.com/. I got the same results .
what speeds are you getting princess and on what adsl plan are you on?
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