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I've recently got a telone ADSL wireless modem and i would like to know if there is anyway to check how much bandwidth i have used/have left. I phoned telone early and got the response "our system is down" then the lady hung up without telling me how to go about it or how long the system might be down for.

Thanx in advance

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You can start using a bandwidth monitor on your pc like http://codebox.org.uk/pages/bitmeter2. Your mileage will vary depending on the utility you choose and your setup but at least you will have a good idea about how much data you are using when you can't get through to telone.
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They have a very unstable and unreliable online website. Your login using the your details and one of the options is to view usage or top up.
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Go to Telone adsl login,enter your landline number and password put "telone2015"
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