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No. This is a natural occurrence no one or anything would have the power to change the weather.

In this the CIA is wasting tax-payers' money. Consider this: from all the solar energy the earth receives, only half of it reaches the ground. The rest is reflected or stopped by the albedo of the clouds and the ice, and the ozone layer.Still, this energy reaching the ground is in such a large amount that anything we could do would be like stopping a tsunami with a drop of water. Cloud seeding has, indeed, been used in the past and yes, the Chinese tried to reduce the fog around Beijing during the last Olympic games with cloud seeding, but to very poor results. Many people are circulating on the internet, about secret weather modifications. The HARP project in Alaska and the so-called "chemtrails" are examples of that.

We must remember this:
The weather doesn't stop at national boundaries. If we want to modify it, it must be with the agreement of all the nations. The subject then must be discussed by the United Nations and not the CIA.

The Butterfly Effect is a good example that shows that any resulting "modification" even that of a butterfly wings, can't be predicted.

Not that I disagree with what you said but if you mention CIA or NSA, then there should be absolutely no expectation that a discussion will be held at the UN. Those are secret institutions and will do research outside of the normal public domain.

It wouldnt be totally dismissable that it has never been tried by them or is being tried by them at the moment. They have the capacity to try or research into such things. Whether they have succeeded in actual controlled modification of weather is another story. As you correctly mentioned the butterfly effect. Nature shouldnt be played with at all. It could so easily backfire on them or lead to a serious catastrophe at some other end of the planet. Where ever there is an imbalance created, nature will restore it somewhere and  the consequences may be bad.

Once again the USA showing its god complex
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Its best they leave nature take its course
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yes there are basic technologies that can adjust weather on a very localised/temporary basis - the technology is there its just very basic and in its infancy - I don't doubt that in the future we will have greater control over weather

for example I remember reading stories of china sending up planes to dump some kind of crystals in the atmosphere before the olympics to reduce the amount of acid rain and smog during the event so countries are trying
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