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Does anyone know of a reliable african alternative to google adsense? i think google adsense sucks, i am getting over 10 000 views a day, but i am not happy with the ads google is giving me, i feel they are irrelevant. A

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With 10.000 page views you should gain by day about $20 dolar. But it depends also on how your adsense account is configured, you must activate all the advatisers to increase your CPC. If you choose it as a job you must study and read a lot.
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thts a very great answer and advice, thank you
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That's probably because not a lot of Zim companies are using AdWords
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True dat hey
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Most online business are looking at way and means of harnessing and consolidate there position based on google as the vehicle for there success.

Google dominates the internet search and promotional space to the extend that those who where pioneers now looks like babies in pampers.

Im not saying its not possible, but to archieve such feet and success outside google will one of the greatest thing ever happened to internet.

Look how google pulled yahoo down and rolled back bing!! That should tell yu the power behind its code.
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Bing is on the rise, Now at 30 percent market share. Yandex Search is also pulling market from google... hello
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