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I shared(perhaps copied is more correct a term) an article from techzim  on my site http://iharare.com about this site that makes Zim people see election results online. here is the link to the article  http://wp.me/p3JJvs-7H at the end of the article i cited that i sourced it from techzim. Now i feel this is not adequate and probably not the best way to share it, how best can i share articles from techzim in such a manner that you are happy credited for it.

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I personally hate that kind of copy/paste behaviour no matter how well intentioned

I would recommend the following:

Don't copy paste the whole article
Specifically mention the full article author and URL
Pick out key points and links that were important to you from the article (and explain if you want)
Thank the original poster of the article

Blind copy paste will only hurt your SEO rankings!!!
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Sorry for late response. Takes work to produce original content. When you copy wholesale it's no different from piracy. Plus, like anthony says, hurts your business a well
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