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lt will mostly likely depend on which econet dchp server you are connected to and usually a private ip
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IP port:
An interface on a computer to which you can connect a device.
Personal computers have various types of ports. Internally, there are several ports for connecting disk drives, display screens, and keyboards. Externally, personal computers have ports for connecting modems, printers, mice, and other peripheral devices.

Internet IP address:
An IP address is also known as Internet Protocol Address.IP address is very important in internet.Every internet users are identify by their users using the IP address.IP address is Unique.You can get it from Internet Service Provider[ISP].
For Example: .

To check the Internet IP address visit the site http://www.ip-details.com/ here you can get the details like Internet Service Provider[ISP],IP Location,Country,Latitude, Longitude,IPv4 Dotted Binary,Octal,Decimal, Hexadecimal Notation etc..
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