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Here is an article on techzim about it:


l have not personally tried it but it looks ok
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im not sure about newer models, but mine had a tar.gz archive which i simply compiled and executed, and the modem was installed. there's also a pdf included that describes the process. check out this guide for installing software in tarballs: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/compile-install-tar-gz-tar-bz2-files-ubuntu-linux/
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It's easy as ABC,  just click on connections and add the powertel details ie 777 etc
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hie. I choose not to use windows for some reasons and was doomed when i started using my teleport modem. I then followed these instructions below and it all worked well for me 100%. if you got any problems inbox email provided

follow link below

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at the moment powertel modems have .exe or .dmg extensions meaning that they only work on windows or iOS operating systems. Try googling some ways of converting exe or .dmg file into Linux or Ubuntu recognizable extensions
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VERY VERY WRONG! You don't even need that exe program - even on a windows PC, you can dial directly!
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