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Good day people. Just a quick question. Which ISP in Zimbabwe has the cheapest, most reliable and fastest home based internet package at present? Thank you in advance.
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cheapest and most reliable do not usually go hand in hand in these parts of the world. Cheap and crappy maybe...

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Tides are changing, just months ago I would've definitely said UMAX. Yes its reliable, but from what I've heard you get a constant 1mbps..which indeed is fine. But I got ZOL recently and whilst I am on the 1mbps package, I do get 1mbps but then off peak and in weekends Im easily hitting 3-4mbps.

Incase of any doubters check this  speed test result taken just now:
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Thanks man. Much obliged. Quick question though, which CPE are you using; indoor or outdoor?
Outdoor unit.
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Thank you plenty.
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Hi Kuda   you can also check your internet speed test result from this site http://www.scanmyspeed.com/
Yah those 3-4mbps speeds were achievable back then on the 1mbps. Nowadays, those speeds are only visible on speedtest.net which is an indication of connection speeds to zol servers (suppoing you choose test to ZOL server). However, the actual speeds are now capped at 1mbps and if you're an internet hogger, you get shaped downwards. I guess they have perfected their system now though I ain't a fan of data shaping at all.
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telone broadband is the cheapest
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