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Well this is strange...I was trying to juice up me Zesa to avoid any disasters over the looong weekend and it just says Connect......Then failed. Here's the catch though, my "usage" has been stuck on the same figure for the past couple of days. Any ideas as to whats causing this?...Sure I should be happy Im getting free Zesa but then again it may just suddenly run down all the units I was supposed to be charged and switch me off!


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Ran into a similar problem and I hate to break it to you but...You're not getting free ZESA.... Its actually charging but not showing you...Their system has a bug when not plugged into power or theres no network...Plug in your meter thingy to a power socket and check your balance...because, its not the meter in your house that says when you're out of power, its the server. So even though your meter isn't communicating with the server right now, you're still getting billed as we speak and you will still be cut-off even if your meter says you have so many units left.
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I suggest you just ENJOY. Take it as a gift from father Heroes ZESA.
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So if the connection fails it gets confused!! Hopefully it does not have 240V at the back because l will be busy in the coming days trying to make mine fail to connect.
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You can only recharge or check balance when your unit is plugged on th the power socket...
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