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Since Android phones are now a pain and half to connect to linuz machines using usb cables, l decided to bypass that by using ftp and smb.

l have a wireless router which my fone use to access internet and sometimes my PC(Ubuntu). l enabled a shared folder on the PC.

l then installed AndSMB on my android and set it to access my ubuntu pc through sftp(secure ftp)

If there is a file l want to transfer to the fone, all l do is drop it on the shared folder on the PC, then start my AndSMB on the phone and download it.

lf there is a file on the phone l want to transer to PC, l just choose to share using AndSMB and its uploaded to the PC.

This is saving fiddling with usb wires but now the best download speed l get is 400-800kbs, my router is capable of 54Mb, what can l do to speed things up?
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l now have installed filezilla on my PC and ftp server on my mobile, that have greatly improve between 1.9 to 2.3Mb

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AndSMB is likely doing kernel Userland work which means CPU processing is required to process the network traffic aspects of the program which on an android device might not be a large amount, it also has a lot of security "stuff" which also adds the processing overhead

SFTP uses encryption which again uses CPU cycles to process the encryption and decryption of data thus slowing it down

FTP is unencrypted and very simple as a protocol so the overhead is minimal, thus speeds are bigger
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