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I have Telone's ADSL which is working perfectly well on my desktop. I just received a Totolink N100RE wireless router which I wish to install and use it for two laptops to access internet through it. how do I go about it. I cant get any joy from Telone tech support . Is there anyone who could guide me on how to set the ADSL via the router. I will be very grateful indeed.

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Yes l can, follow this thread, if you cannt make it work, post it here l will help together with others:

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You have two options of connecting this router: l hope you have an english maual. But before you continue to connect, you need to setup the wireless passwords etc. That means dont connect it to anything except your laptop using a network cable. Make sure your laptop is configured to obtain ip addresses automatically.

Ping to make sure tyour laptop is communicating with the router.

to get ping:

Click “Start” -> “Run”

 Type the command “cmd”, and then click "OK"

 Enter the command “ping”, and then press ”enter”

You should get respond everything is ok! Then fire up internet explorer of any browser you use.

input in Internet Explorer’s address bar, you will see the homepage.

for the User name and Password, both in lower case letters. Then click the “OK” or press
Now proceed to setup your wireless passwords etc.

Now proceed to the following

1.  N100RE can be used as a repeater and a Wireless AP

This is the is easiest way l recommend to you. Take a second network cable and connect it to the back of your telone modem, then connect the other end to the N100RE. Use any one of the 4 switch port, avoid using the yellow labeled port, any red ones will do.
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