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can anyone please tell me how to terminate my contract with africom. they have been boasting of download speeds in excess of 2.1 Mbps but i aint getting that since i migrated to the service. i feel i'm getting a raw deal and want out. i hear once you subscribe for their $18 / gig you should stick to paying them that every month for a year. i cant be throwing my cash into the dustbin for ridiculous service. help people. ideas?

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A contract is a two way agreement between the signatories(lm not a lawyer). By signing the document, you are agreeing to pay them the stated amount of money and they are agreeing to provide you with stated service.

You can prove to them that you have met your side of contract by producing receipts, and they also need to prove that they have met there side of contract failure to do so is breach of contract.

lf l were you l would take the dongle to there offices and they need to prove that it can download at the stated agreed speeds, failure to do so in there offices means you cannot do it anywhere else.

Or simply just stop paying and wait so see if they have the guts to take you to court.
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