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Hi, I am a graphic designer and I wan't want to do some freelance designing online to get extra income, I'm junior level and earn $300 per month. I wan't to open an Account that enables me to get a MasterCard or Visa Card. I have enquired at several banks (StanChart, CBZ & Kingdom Bank). The first two banks stated requirements of a $500 salary & $500 initial deposit respectively. (Had to do the walk of shame, twice! XD)

For Kingdom, they stated $50 initial dep. but I just wanted to know which one is the best bank for my situation? (there could be a better deal somewhere else). Also any advice on what account type to get (Savings,Current,etc) will be greatly appreciated.

I also intend to send and receive money to Paypal and Skrill(Moneybookers) accounts.

PS: I am completely new to banking


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Have you considered getting paid into a Payoneer account? Payoneer basically allows people around the world to be paid by US companies (like web freelance services). You apply for a card and you get it after about a month. You will get the card for 'free' and they will only deduct the setup fees for your account when you get paid the first time. About $20 I think.

Read more about them here: http://payoneer.com

End of day depends which freelance websites you will be using. Elance and oDesk are supported and you can see a list here: http://www.payoneer.com/CustomersTestimonials.aspx and here: http://www.payoneer.com/USPService.aspx

You can also apparently get your PayPal account
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Thank you, I will have a look at that. How will I make deposits or withdrawals though?
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To make deposits into the card, people that need to pay you (e.g. eLance) I'm guessing will use this page https://load.payoneer.com/LoadToPage.aspx

I have never used this so not sure exactly.

Withdrawals are made using the card the same way you would any MasterCard i.e. via ATM, or just using the card to make your own payments online.
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with Payoneer the deposits are are a little different. They call it "loading your card" and it is either you do a transfer to your account from another account or you insantly do a transfer  card to card. so in terms of deposits it's not as direct as walking into Kingdom.
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If you just need a MasterCard you could go for FBC bank's prepaid MasterCard or BancABC's prepaid Visa Card. Both should set you off about $20 initially which go towards getting the card. You don't necessarily need to have an account with them as both operate from a "virual account." Your money will be very safe. Monthly card fees are $1 each. Payoneer however would be the best option if you intend on getting a PayPal account but in the end, you'd still need the FBC MasterCard or BancABC Visa Card to load you Payoneer Card. Hope this helps.

P.S Card fees for payoneer not quite as friendly if you compare them to FBC or BancABC fees.
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Thank you I shall take a look at that, I hear Barclays is pretty reasonable too and offers MasterCard I think. i want an account from an established bank, in case leave country or something
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