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I noticed when using viber that sometimes it jus say calling then sometimes ringing. Sometimes it jus shows missed call without ringing.

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I am an official representative from Viber Media.

With the calling/ringing feature, you can now identify if your Viber call is ringing on your friend's phone.
A call will start off with "Calling…" state, which indicates that Viber is now connecting to your friend's phone.
If the status remains on "Calling...", it might be that your friend's phone is out of internet range or turned off.
In that case, your friend will receive a missed call notification.
Once the call's status changes to "Ringing...", this means that the phone is actually ringing on the other side.

For any other questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Viber Team
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Calling appears when you initiate a viber call,now when the recepient's phone is now ringing,it shows 'ringing'.
Now as for just showing the missed call,what happens is that you would have exited from viber completely. It gives you a warning saying if you exit you will be unavailable from viber,ignoring that warning means if a viber user tried to call you the call will not succeed,but when you eventually open viber,you will get a missed call notification
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But sometimes it happened even without logging off.
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That also happens to me,I suppose its because of poor network connection,I have found the viber performs best when I use wifi(mostly reliable) than when using econet's 3G
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This is how l have been trying to call successfully.

When l call and its saying 'Calling', l assume 2 things:

1. The person lm calling is offline.

2. The person is online bt not actively using phone and gone to sleep mode.

So even when l ring, on the side nothing is happening. The person will jus see missed calls.

If it saying calling then immediately say ringing, then all is good.

Bt what l do is first send a msg or something. As soon as it say delivered then l call.
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That's a good strategy

I'm curious does anyone of you have the problem such as you have your viber 'ringing' but the other side says their phone is not ringing at all? This is quite weird I understand if 'calling' is connecting but 'ringing' is not even connecting nor ringing?
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I had it jus once or so bt not that often. I assume its because the fon have gone into battery saver mode.

So everytime before l call l always send a short msg and as soon as it say delivered l call.
I am having a similar problem. When calling my viber states"ringing" but when the person I am calling answers it changes to show the time connected counter. The person I am calling is telling me she is seeing the time counter but cant hear me.
Other times when this caller phones me it shows I have answered on my Viber but I am showing as having not answered on her Viber.
All was working fine until we both installed Viber on our laptops as well as our phones.
Can anyone explain what is wrong.
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yes, i just experienced trying to call my guy friend  it says only calling... no ringing.. but the status is there. so strange wheras my mothers friend saying ringing nothing makes sense. i think i will go with my sense. not listen to anyone
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