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is anyone on the powertel network experiencing what um going through?the network is great, um getting download speeds in excess of 90kB/s however, this wont be for long. after a short while, the download speed drops to 0 and wont be able to do anything and yet i'll still be connected. has anyone else been in this predicament and what does it mean?

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by Guru (88.1k points)
Mine was hitting 640kbs, then it drops, never to come up. l sorted it by going to PowerTel and ask them to freeze park the account until they get there house in order. They connected the dongle and tried to prove to me that it was working fine. l asked the "engineer" to download a small file from internet, she even failed to open google.
at least that proves my modem aint the problem. tell me something macd. when they "freeze park" your account do you still have access to their network or that is blocked out totally? this problem started on saturday at around 6.30am and its been like that since then. should they be able to keep the download speeds constant and not have these recurring problems, i believe theirs would be a better network than africom. i live in mabelreign by the way. i presume you still in malborough. have you got an idea whether these speeds could be attributed to them switching on the base station after the recent digging in mabelreign along quendon road?
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macd u r lucky i've never reached 100Kbs n by d way myn z also dropping network
by Guru (88.1k points)
l stil have the access to the network even after l asked them to freeze it. They were demanding that l pay for the 3 months l was not paying them, l demanded that the pay me back all the money l was paying for over 4months whilst there networking was not working. So we ended up agreeing that they will forget about the money they think l failed to pay, and they will freeze my account  until when lm ready to use them again!

EVDO or .1x?
There is a lot of confusion l think is going on even to some extend propelled by PowerTel themselves. One tells you that they use EVDO and another tell you that they use use 1x, but do we people ask what is EVDO or 1x?

Even more strange is that about a week ago my dongle started to refuse to connect, l then discovered that they PowerTel has flipped from PAP authentication to CHAP??? l changed the settings to match and l was back in bussiness again but not for long. l asked one of my friends to test the dongle she use, surely it was connecting through PAP, mine through CHAP???

Anywhere, that got me to conclude that PowerTel have all sorts of authentication servers all over the place from different vendors and methods. This will tend to affect us paying customers. This will lead to issues of customers sometimes failing totally to connect or when they get connected, they dont go very far as to get internet services.

Then, what is .1x?
lt is the ISO standard for NAC(Network Access Control). In summary to you and me simply means that when you or l connect my dongle, PowerTel have to verify that lm suppose to be connected to there network. Once this is verified, PowerTel now decides what service lm suppose to get, is it going to be unlimited access or pay per minute etc. When this is all done, your dongle gets IP address, default gateway and DNS servers address to access the internet, then you can now almost happily get internet. ln nutshell, .1x verifies that you are a customer of PowerTel and you have paid them money to connect.

Then EVDO kicks in. EVDO is the actual method which is going to carry traffic wireless between your PC and internet. When you or l is downloading our movies, it is evdo which is active doing all the donkey work.

So .1x starts the whole process of authentication, then it hands over to EVDO once it is happy that customer  is properly authenticated. But in the real world of PowerTel, this is not happening, they have all sorts of things going on some which works against each other, then it is the customer whole suffers mostly.

Unless if someone have a better ideal, thus is my personal observation.
good thread macd..by the way sm still getting my good speeds in excess of 900kbs but my problem exists....network mever to stay for long. How do i change the authentication of this modem from pap to chap? figure i myt just as well give it a try. thanx for the info on 1x and evdo. twaz ol a mind boggler and ol along i thot 1x and evdo was jus like comparing gprs and 3g. thanx in advance
by Guru (88.1k points)
How is your dongle connected, is it  directly to the PC through a USB, if thus the case then you are limited a lot to what you can experiment with. lf its directly, what OS are you using? Try to increase MTU and virtual memory and observe the results
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