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YOu can buy genuine windows serials at:

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l would have given you but l dont want MicroShaft to be knocking on my door for piracy.

There is Win 7 OS iso image you can download from p2p networks, during installation, it gives options of which version to install and relevant keys. Just hang around familiar peer to peer sites you will fetch it easily!
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Dude, just try Ubuntu. you won't need all this activation business
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Ubuntu is the way to future, l agree
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Guys lets not encourage theft ok. There should be a way to delete these pirate questions.
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@stickfigure this piracy thing really gets to you hanty? Am so sorrx man i especially understand if u are a developer. Say whats your line of work? Banning these kind of posts wont stop it the net is littered with piracy tips and tricks any other tips and tricks for that matter which of coz u r aware of. By engaging people and educating them u have a better chance of reducing not stopping.
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Have you checked on classifieds.co.zw how much an original windows 7 costs? It might save you the hustle coz you don't need much...
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A simple googling can do the trick but again thats piracy. I agree wit akumudzi, get ubuntu
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"TZ" post your email address and i will send you the Windows Loader or Activation program to you that's if your still facing the same issue. Googling "DAZ's loader" you will find that most site's have removed the link/s and threads containing it.

Come'on guy's lets not act like all our PC's and notebooks are ALL running on GENUINE Windows OSes. Mind you a genuine copy of windows7 will deflate your wallet by about $400 - $800 depending on the version of windows7 but on the other hand i do agree that Linux OSes are the way forward especially Kubuntu if you want the Windows7 GUI look.

Search www.classifieds.co.zw - the software section for Linux distros'
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www.fixexe.com has e latest version of wga remover <windows 7 loader> . this software will activate any unregistered version of windows and it can also activate windows trial versions for ever. no net  connection required . it allow for updates. the process is illegal though.
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Use a loader by DAZ. think it is at version 1.96. you can find it on most bittorrent sites. This prempts Win7 into thinking it is an OEM install and thus does not need activation (won't bore you with the details). It loads before Win7 and does not touch any system files. Allows Windows Updates.
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