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Do all mobile service providers have the provision for smaller sim card compatible with apple products? Or can I cut off the other piece of the sim card for it t fit into that tiny simcard holder? Why cant Apple just have standard sim card holders? I asked one of the biggest mobile agents and they were clueless on this!

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Econet can swap your old sim for a micro sim. Which mobile giant are u talking about?? Also you can get a sharp knife, and find another micro sim to use as a template and cut your old sim
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Thanks a lot , lets just say one of Econet or Telecel's agent in Chiredzi were clueless about that. I actually sharpening my knife now!
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Guys forget about this knife thing. micro sim card cutters are selling for $2 pa Gulf apo. Or just go to any Econet, telecel, shop and they will cut it out for you for free.  Its not just Apple using micro sim.  Almost every new smart phone,  Galaxy s3 and S4, Nokia Lumia from Lumia 520 , 820, 920 all have micro sim. the X1, etc
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Yes the knife thing is a last resort. Since he is in Chiredzi where even the Econet agents are clue less on them, then a sharp knife is the way to go
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I bought myself the iPhone 5 only 2 weeks ago, and managed to get the nano sim over the counter at the Econet Masasa head office.  Took me all of 5 minutes in and out, paid $1 for the new sim, and I was A for away.  Furthermore, it's not just apple doing this nano sim technology, all manufacturers will go that way in order to give themselves more playroom within the actual devices of the future.  Can't vouch for other providers though.
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Lucky you i had to configure my sim my own way... Scissors and sharp knife did the job for me.
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All mobile service providers in Zimbabwe offer the micro-sim option if your phone doesnt allow the conventional size.
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Even if you can't buy a micro SIM, you can still get your regular Mini SIM cut to a Micro SIM. Any local mobile store would do it for a low cost. It is a very simple process. Once after getting a Micro SIM, You can insert it into your mobile phone and start accessing it. If you are having any problem in accessing your Micro SIM, ensure it is activated. If it has been activated and still doesn't work, make sure that the phone is free from network restriction. If the device has been network restricted,you can get it unlocked using remote unlocking method that will be available at any commercial vendors online like http://www.superunlockcodes.com
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i heard econet can swap u an old sim with a new one or  u can just visit econet
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